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Contact Westport Winery at 360-648-2224 or Events@WestportWines.com.



We are delighted to cater your special event. We can accommodate groups from 20 to 50. 


Westport Winery is open daily at 11am. All music will cease by 9:45pm. Guests are asked to be off-site by 10pm.


The facility is available for private use by reservation. Events during normal business hours do not have exclusive use of the facility.



In addition to food and beverage prices there is a $100 per hour facility rental charge for after hours bookings with a two hour minimum.


Wine club discounts do not apply to food, beer or spirits. Wine club members receive their normal 20% discount on wine and wine cocktails while dining.


Complimentary wine tastings are not available at meal service or as a part of the catering package.


Tax and gratuity are not included in these prices. A 20% gratuity will be applied to all catering.



A $200 deposit is required at the time of the reservation and is non-refundable if the event is cancelled with less than two weeks notice. A credit card must be kept on file to cover any damages or expenses incurred due to your event.



The winery’s culinary team can cater your event Specific pricing for each catered event is based upon the menu selected.


The winery does not allow other caterers, potlucks, or outside foods. Wine club discounts do not apply to catering.



Wine will be opened by winery staff. The client will take any remaining wine.



The rental fee includes on-site use of tables, chairs, dinnerware, tablecloths, and serving staff for up to 50 guests.


Not Included

The basic facility rental price does not include event coordination, tents, transportation, florist, music, taxes, or photography.


Wedding Consultation & Rehearsal

Westport Winery and its staff are not wedding coordinators.


If your ceremony is taking place on site, a one hour rehearsal is included during regular business hours with prior appointment.



No items may be attached in any manner to winery structures. None of the winery’s decorations or furniture may be moved.


Decorations must be set-up and displayed so as not to interfere with the winery’s daily operation.


Set-up and Clean-up

Event set-up may not begin more than one hour prior to the event and may not interfere with the winery’s daily operation.


The client is responsible for clean-up of property brought onto the winery grounds.


Any cleaning time spent by Westport’s staff will be charged back to the client at a rate determined by the winery.


Westport Winery is not responsible for the security of any private property or rented equipment.



Westport Winery cannot be held responsible for inclement weather. Please plan accordingly.



No smoking or tobacco use is allowed anywhere on the property.



Pets are welcome in the gardens while on leash. Waste bags are provided at the back door to the lighthouse.


Pets (other than service animals) are not allowed inside the winery due to health department regulations.


Liquor Laws

Private parties may enjoy wine, beer or spirits on the property under the auspices of Westport Winery’s liquor license either by pre-purchasing wine, beer  or spirits from the winery or by allowing guests to make purchases directly from the winery.


No other alcohol products are allowed on the property.


Persons under age 21 are allowed at the winery. At no time are they allowed to consume alcoholic beverages.


All persons who look under age 35 will need to provide identification to consume alcohol.


Westport Winery reserves the right to refuse service at any time to guests who appear to be intoxicated.


Alcohol service will cease by 9:30pm for evening events.


Westport Winery holds a restaurant and catering endorsement on its liquor license that allows winery staff to offer wine by the glass at selected not-for-profit festivals and events.



Westport Winery and its representatives are not versed in the liquor laws for other venues and are not responsible for guiding guests in obtaining special licensing for events at or away from the winery.


Special Occasion License

A special occasion license allows a non-profit organization to sell liquor at a specified date and place. All proceeds from the sale of liquor must go directly back into the nonprofit organization.


The fee for a special occasion license is determined by the Washington State Liquor Control Board per day, per location, and allows sales of beer and wine by individual serving for on-premise consumption.


Special occasion licenses are limited to twelve single-day events per calendar year. The organization should apply 45 days before the fundraising events.


Banquet License

A banquet permit is for a private, invitation only event (not open or advertised to the public).


The liquor must be provided free of charge, or brought by individuals attending the event.


Package deals are allowed that may include, for example, the cost of dinner, liquor, and entertainment.


To assure participants receive an equal share, tickets exchangeable for drinks may be issued as part of the package price.


No separate or additional charge may be made for liquor.


These permits are applied for through the Washington State Liquor Control Board.


Raffle Permit

A raffle permit allows a non-profit organization to raffle liquor at a specified date and place.


Liquor Control Contact

Please contact the customer service desk at the Washington State Liquor Control Board at 360-664-1600 for applications and questions.