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The Roberts family purchased this property on February 18, 2007.


When purchased, the land was impenetrable and covered with Himalayan blackberry, alder, and Scotch broom. Two full-sized bulldozers were discovered hidden by the noxious weeds.


WSU Extension Agent Don Tapio said,

“Plant a vineyard and open a winery. It will be historic.”

Vineyards By-the-Sea is the westernmost vineyard in Washington with rainfall and sun levels similar to France’s Loire Valley. The winery’s first bottling was on February 17, 2008 the tasting room opened on March 29, 2008. Westport Winery was the 2012 Best Wine Tour, 2011 Washington Winery to Watch, and 2010 Best Destination Winery.

Salmon Safe

Vineyards By-the-Sea was certified Salmon Safe in May 2008. This certification required habitat enhancement, use of sustainable farm practices, planting cover crops, creating good water quality leaving the property, and maintaining a riparian buffer. There are 66.5 acres fenced with high-tensile electric wire to keep wildlife away from the crops.


The two acre vineyard grows Muscat, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc and Melon. The farm uses Vertical Shoot Position trellising.


Another 25 acres is dedicated to 5000 irises, 4000 blueberries, 2000 raspberries, 2000 blackberries, 250 huckleberries, 100 apple trees, 100 Asian pear trees, hundreds of strawberries, a multitude of other fruit trees including peach, plum, and cherry, two produce gardens, and a culinary herb garden on the property. These crops contribute to the wine, culinary classes, restaurant and farm stand.


The final 40 acres are allocated to timber and is where the compost center is located and an arboretum is planned.


In the past the Roberts raised Norwegian Fjord horses. These days they have a flock of chickens.


Lady Lukara (a Klingon character tasked with keeping Khaless the Unforgettable’s memory alive) is featured in Winery Dogs of Washington. She shares the farm with a younger cousin, Curzon Dax. Beloved dogs now gone, Koko, Khaless, and Dax grace wine labels.


Pappy, Sawyer, and Panda (cats adopted from HAVA) are charged with rodent control.


The tasting room was constructed in 2007 for selling agricultural products to the farm’s visitors. In 2010 the restaurant From Farm to Fork was added to this building. A 7.5 kw solar array was added above the patio in 2012.


The matching production building constructed in 2007 is where the grapes are crushed and pressed, juices fermented, blended and tested. It houses the variable capacity stainless steel tanks, oak barrels, grape bins, poly tanks, chillers, pumps and filters.


Next to the production building is warehouse which was built in 2009. It houses bottled wine, bottling supplies, tools and farm equipment. This is where each year’s wine is bottled in the spring with a mobile bottling truck. Some wine is still hand bottled.


All the buildings feature US Coast District 13 colors and were designed to reflect the architecture of Westport’s old Coast Guard Station and Maritime Museum.



The crop display garden features samples of all the products grown on the farm. It is where grape viness and other plants are sold.


The produce gardens, greenhouse and herb garden are where the winery’s chefs gather fresh ingredients.


The unique grape maze is located between the display garden and the pergola. The dune garden surrounds the parking area, setting the stage for this coastal winery.


The sculpture garden extends around the parking area and other gardens. Local artists are commissioned to create sculptures commemorating one of Westport’s labels.


In 2012 Westport Winery added a plant nursery to the property along with seven new displays called Gardens of the World. These include a tropical Hawaiian garden, a formal French garden, an English cottage garden, a Pacific Northwest naturalistic garden, an Italian Gothic garden, a Japanese Zen garden, and an Atlantis underwater(ed) garden.


Harvest Festivals

Westport Winery hosts the Mardi Gras and Chocolate Festival is held every Sunday in February.


The Spring Barrel Tasting Festival and winery anniversary is the last Sunday in March.


The Artisan Cheese Festival is every Sunday in May.


The Fleur de Lis Festival is held on the second Sunday June with art, music and flowers galore.


Every Sunday in August the winery hosts the Big Berry Bash with fresh produce and fruit wines.


Crush Me, Squeeze Me, Make Me Wine At The Beach the first Sunday in October with grape stomping and the Lucy and Ethyl Look-alike contest.


In November the winery prepares for the holidays with the Cranberry Country Christmas Festival every Sunday in the month.


Habitat Enhancement

With approval from the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife trout are permitted in the farm’s spring-fed pond. The farm has Kestrel nesting boxes to assist with rodent and starling control.