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It is traditional to think of grapes and wine in terms of terroir (the place). Our place is all about fine wine set against a backdrop of fine food, a great community, wonderful activities, extraordinary scenery, and a family that wants to share its love of these features with each of you. A portion of the proceeds from each bottle benefits designated local charities.

Your Donation Requests

Because of these commitments—and the laws regulating our ability to donate wine or other products—we regretfully cannot contribute to other auctions, fundraisers, or organizations. We thank you for your commitment to these endeavors and hope that you will understand our limitations. 


We are able to offer your organization a discount on a gift basket if that would be helpful (If it is an IRS 501(c)3 or 501(c)6). Again, we have decided to limit this offer to groups within our coastal community.


We are not currently considering any new charities to benefit from our wines and our wine list is complete. Thank you for your understanding and commitment to making our world a better place to live, work, and play.



The Roberts Family


Ancient Mariner

Whatever voyage of exploration inspires your daily life, offer salvation. Benefits Coastal Animal Rescue and Adoption (CARA).



At twilight the evening sky is transformed to create magic, romance, and often thirst. Benefits the Mt. Rainier Chapter of the American Red Cross.


Bog Berry Blush

Bright, puckish, and loveable, they thrive in our coastal climate. Benefits the Pacific Coast Cranberry Research Station and Museum.


Boom Runner

From stomping smooth tannins to a nimble dash on a floating boom, experience the crush. Benefits the Polson Museum.


Bordello Blonde

This girl goes with anyone and anything. Be careful though, you just might fall in love. Benefits the Aberdeen Museum of History.


Captain Grays Gewürztraminer

Explore notes of spice with Pacific Rim flavors. This is a worldly companion. Benefits the Grays Harbor Symphony.


Charterboat Chick’s Cabernet Sauvignon

This wine is a derby winner fit for surf or turf. Benefits the Westport Charterboat Association.



Hard apple cherry cider, like a summer farmer’s market, juicy and smooth. Benefits Mercy Ships.


Dawn Patrol

Whatever your challenge, the commitment to be there as the sun rises assures your victory. Benefits General James G. Doolittle VFW Post 3057.


Duckleberry Grunt

A wine worth wrapping in camouflage just to hide it from your friends. Benefits Grays Harbor Ducks Unlimited.


Elk River Riesling

Cross this bridge to discover a sweet poignancy you will want to savor forever. Benefits the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Twin Harbors Chapter.


Fleur de Lis Pinot Gris

Join us in June as the irises bloom around the vineyards during our Fleur de Lis Festival. Benefits the 7th Street Theatre.




Like vodka from the vine, this incredible wine is perfect for sipping or crafting cocktail. Benefits Grays Harbor Volunteer Search and Rescue.


Going Coastal

It's not crazy, we just added sparkle to your day at the beach…with bubbles. Benefits the Coastal Interpretive Center in Ocean Shores.



Pure hard apple cider with the flavors of carnival fun or a campfire fueled by happiness. Benefits Mercy Ships.



Pure cranberry wine that says OMG!with tingly Jolly Rancher flavor, pure like a rain squall. Benefits Mercy Ships.


Jetty Cat Red

It’s a mix with an untamed soul, yet it purr-fectly compliments any repast. Benefits the Harbor Association of Volunteers for Animals (HAVA).


Lighthouse White

A welcome beacon day or night, this iconic blend evokes the essence of hearth and home. Benefits the Grays Harbor Lighthouse Restoration Fund.


Little Wild Blackberry

Does a bear sip in the woods? We say yes, and this is what he’s drinking. Benefits Grays Harbor and Pacific County Master Gardeners.


Maritime Muscat

Like the tide, this wine rushes in with flavor and breaks into splashes of sweetness. Benefits the Northwest Carriage Museum.



Hard apple cider like a fall orchard, ripe with fruit, leaves falling, and clean air. Benefits Mercy Ships.


Mermaid’s Merlot

They dig clams, filet fish, and body surf in the nude. Maybe they’re mermaids, maybe just fun. Benefits the ACS Relay For Life of Grays Harbor.


Message In A Bottle

We hope you find the message in this bottle both mysterious and fulfilling. Benefits the West Coast Search Dogs of Washington.


Night Watch

Benefits Harbors Home Health & Hospice.


Peaches on the Beaches

On the coast we bare our souls to the sun as the rains are sure to follow. Benefits Grays Harbor Breast Cancer Alliance.


Pineapple Express

Revel as the earth and atmosphere coalesce the best of the islands with the best of the mainland. Benefits the Grays Harbor YMCA.



A portion of the proceeds from this ultra premium wine benefits PAWS of Grays Harbor.

Rapture of the Deep

Our cran-boggling bubbly lets you relax and drink to the mysteries of the deep blue sea. Benefits the Driftwood Theater.


Red Sky at Night

Enjoy smooth sailing, following seas, and a lingering finish on your personal regatta. Benefits the Westport Timberland Library Foundation.


Shelter From The Storm

Imagine stormy seas and howling winds. All you want is a safe harbor and hearty repast. Benefits the Grays Harbor Hospital Foundation.


Shiver Me Timbers

Experience a brisk ocean breeze on your landlocked palate. Benefits Grays Harbor Habitat For Humanity.


Shorebird Chardonnay

Like a bird on the wing, migrating from the sunny south to the misty north, this wine soars. Benefits the Grays Harbor Audubon Society.



It translates to “strong current” in the Chinook jargon and reflects characteristics unique to our coastal culture. Benefits the Chehalis Basin Fisheries Task Force.


Smoky Nor’wester

Native flavors emanating from mysterious grapes lead to a place lost in time. Benefits the Museum of the North Beach.


Surfer’s Last Syrah

Call your friends, it’s time to catch our big grape wave with epic conditions and nerves of steel. Benefits the South Beach EMS.



A competitive nature is inherent, yet a nurturing home offers a winner’s finish. Benefits the Children’s Advocacy Center.


True North

As uncommon as True North, is true love, yet it’s something you always get from your pets. Benefits North Beach PAWS.


Willapa White

Pinot Gris and Riesling that are spunky and fresh like a summer bar crossing on an ebb tid. Benefits WeFish.